Coming Soon to a location near you

The bartender pours the beer into the glass from the beer tap

Coming soon to a

location near you

We are brewing up some fantastic beers that you’ll soon be able to find in a store, bars or tavern restaurant near you in Connecticut!

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Be Bold

The concept for B-Sharp stemmed from the desire to stand out against the rustic and industrial backdrop of breweries within Connecticut, to deliver something a little different. We asked ourselves what were the most important aspects of an evening out – quality beverages, superior service, and a setting where we could dive deeper into the company we keep. And just like that, B-Sharp Brewing was born.

Be Legendary

Our team has set out to create a timeless experience, taking pieces from the past and delivering them to you here in the present. We have ripped pages straight out of the 1920’s – from the art deco décor to the speakeasy style ambiance – creating an aesthetic that can only be appreciated with a dash of bitters.


B-Sharp is a piece of history that longs to be remembered no matter how much the world has forgotten.